Are you looking for a web site for your small business or non profit organisation, or looking to update your existing site and are trying to find information on:

  • what is needed to run a website
  • the process of designing and creating your website
  • whats actually involved in this process
  • how to design the website so that it does what you need it to do and attracts your potiential customers
  • how much it costs to get a web site

then look no further.
We can help you with a cost effective solution for your website requirements and handle the whole process of getting your website live.
Contact us today to discover the benefits of our services.

Design and Build

Design and Build

We will work with you to discover the following
  • Your primary business objectives  in having a website - i.e. why is the site being built
  • What do you want the website to do
  • Who are your potential customers  - who will be using the website
  • What messages do you wish to get out to the market
  • What content is available- text, images, video.
Mobile Platforms

Mobile Platforms

It is important to ensure that your website looks good on all devices such as smart phones and tablets.

Mobile-friendly, Responsive Web Design is included standard with all our websites.

You won’t need to worry about changing your website to suit each device as a responsive website will adapt to any screen size, so your website will always look great and function properly.
Packages Available

Packages Available

We recognise not all websites are alike, and the final cost is totally dependant on how much work is involved in getting the site to look "just right". However we have a range of options at varying prices to give you certainty of cost for your new or rebuilt website.
You supply your logo, images and wording, and we’ll build the website in the agreed design. The package includes design, up to 5 static pages, search engine optimisation, domain name registration and the first 12 months hosting from just $1000.00
After the Site Goes Live

After the Site Goes Live

Once the site goes live, the need to give attention to the website does not stop. Regularly loading new content and or products will bring repeat visitors to your site.

Full instructions on how to do this will be provided to enable you to manage content yourself and we are always on hand to assist in need.  Alternatively, if you’d prefer us to manage your website for you, just let us know.

In addition, ongoing maintenance is recommended to ensure the site stays 100% healthy, especially ensuring any security updates are applied to the site. We offer a fixed fee maintenance plan to ensure your peace of mind.
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