What will all this cost me?

How Our costs Are Calculated

There are 3 costs in getting a website onto the internet.
    Registering a Domain Name
    Web Hosting
    Building the website
Domain Name Costs
Domain registration is an annual cost, although we may be able to register for longer periods at a discount if this is your preference.
Annual Domain name registration for the most common names is currently (as at April 2020):
.co.nz                $44.80
.nz $44.80
.kiwi $45.95
.org.nz $44.80
We will confirm the final domain name cost in the Design and Planning stage, including giving you options for multiple years at a discount. If you buy a domain name through us, you own the Domain Name. If for whatever reason you decide to transfer your business to another provider, we will provide the necessary information to enable you to effect the transfer.
Web Hosting Costs
Building the Website
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